BD Eclipse Hypodermic Safety Needle - 21g, 1" x 100

BD Eclipse Hypodermic Safety Needle - 21g, 1" x 100
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Pivoting-shield needle with single finger stroke activation - no hard surface required.


  • BD Eclipse™ Needles For Luer Lock Syringes - Firmly attach the needle to the Luer Lock syringe with a firm push and a clockwise twist. 
  • BD Eclipse™ Needles  With SmartSlip™ Technology for Luer Slip Syringes - Attach the needle that features SmartSlip™ Technology by pushing onto the Luer Slip syringe firmly until an audible click is heard.


  • Draw up medication in accordance with established protocol.


  • Administer injection according to protocol. For user convenience, the needle "bevel-up" position is oriented to safety cover.


  • Immediately following injection, activate safety cover by centering thumb or forefinger (of hand holding syringe) on finger pad area of safety cover, then pushing cover forward until you hear/feel it lock. Visually confirm that the needle tip is covered.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Becton Dickinson
Gauge 21

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