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So who are Vitalograph?

Vitalograph designs, manufactures and markets respiratory diagnostic and therapeutic products and is recognised worldwide for excellent lung function testing equipment and related services. Vitalograph is based in the heart of England in a modern company-owned Business Park set in the grounds of a Victorian Mansion in a rural area of North Buckinghamshire. This serves as an effective central location for the Group's Headquarters, supporting our sales, training and service teams throughout Britain, as well as their subsidiary companies and branches and international network.


a brief history...

Dietmar Garbe was asked by the Medical Research Council Pneumoconiosis Panel to source or develop a simple, office spirometer to screen coal miners for pneumoconiosis, commonly called ‘Black Lung’. Up until this point spirometry could only be done in laboratories. The result was ‘The Vitalograph’, from the essential features, ‘vital capacity’ and ‘graph’. Manufacture of Vitalograph Spirometers began within the old stables in the grounds of Dietmar and Margaret's family home.

worldwide presence

Vitalograph products and services are used in clinical trials, primary care, occupational health, sports medicine, asthma management, emergency services and hospitals. Vitalograph is represented in 113 countries through Authorised Distributors such as Medisave who are trained to provide a high standard of product sales and support, with ready back up when needed from the UK.

Choice Picks

    What Medisave loves about Vitalograph.

    • Like Medisave, Vitalograph recognises the importance of environmental issues and has produced a policy to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment.
    • Whenever possible, moulded components use a significant proportion of recycled material. Packaging design considers minimising waste, disposal or re-use.
    • Vitalograph has delivered successful trials for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and contract research organizations, many of which have repeatedly chosen them as their clinical trials partner.
    • Vitalograph works with key clinical opinion leaders and academic institiutions worldwide
    • Medisave and Vitalograph together host FREE regular spirometry training evenings at Medisave HQ – with free food and drink! Contact us if you would like to join or next session or would like to host your own!
    • Vitalograph offer 24/7 global support!
    • Vitalograph have a great resources section on their website which is brilliant for students and health professionals wanting spirometry articles and information.

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