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(We are) All about Littmann!

Littmann are without doubt the dominant force within the stethoscope industry. Since the late 1960’s, 3M Littmann have produced every single industry standard stethoscope. The Classic II SE was regarded as the latest industry standard stethoscope for twenty years, before being replaced by the Classic III in 2014, instantly raising the bar. Their patented tuneable diaphragm technology is standard on virtually every scope within the range. The latest incarnation of this is the single piece diaphragm (standard on the new Classic III and Cardiology IV), allows greater infection control properties, whilst optimising the frequency response required for advanced auscultation. The range topping 3200 has redefined what is possible to hear using a conventional stethoscope. Now it is possible not only to listen to crystal clear heart sounds, but to record, playback, store and share digital auscultation sounds.


Where did it all begin?

Stethoscopes have been around in one form or another for just over 200 years. The first documented use of a stethoscope was in 1816 by French physician Rene Lannec. Lannec created the first stethoscope using rolled up paper to create a funnel to listen to heart sounds. This basic solution was replaced twenty-five years later when George P. Camman created a new scope with a wooden cone leading to individual eartubes for each ear. This format remained in place for over 100 years. Littmann stethoscopes, as we know them, originally started out in the early 1960’s, developed by Dr. David Littmann. Littmann was a Harvard Medical School professor, distinguished cardiologist, and recognised authority on electrocardiography.

Dr. Littmann revolutionised the stethoscope world when he introduced his patented diaphragm, transforming the stethoscope into the instantly recognised format still used today. Dr. Littmann went on to form Cardiosonics and sold two models of scopes, one for nurses, one for doctors. In 1967 3M acquired the Littmann stethoscopes brand and worked with Dr. Littmann to develop the range for generations of doctors.

Choice Picks

    What Medisave loves about Littmann.

    • Industry leading acoustics - Every Littmann stethoscope has been specifically designed to offer the absolute best auscultation properties.
    • The 3200 – Singlehandedly redefining what it is possible to hear through a stethoscope.
    • Precision American engineering - Each stethoscope is made of the finest quality materials, offering years of uninterrupted service.
    • Unparalleled range - From the Select to the 3200, every single Littmann is designed with one purpose in mind, making heart sounds clearer and easier for the operator to hear.
    • Tuneable diaphragms - Most Littmann stethoscopes come with a tuneable diaphragm, why?? The tuneable diaphragms allow the user to alternate between low and high frequencies simply by changing the pressure applied to the chestpiece. Single sided chestpieces can then perform in the same way as dual head scopes.
    • Materials - Every Littmann is made with 100% latex free materials, ensuring maximum patient and user comfort.
    • The attention to detail - Soft sealing ear tips and anatomically correct headset. Designed to fit correctly, and create the perfect seal, dramatically enhancing sound properties.
    • Special colours and finishes - Every range comes in a choice of colours, some with up to 23 different options! So if you want a raspberry & rainbow Classic III, an All Black Master Cardiology, or traditional black Cardiology III, the Littmann range has a scope and colour choice to suit.
    • Years of reliability built in - Industry leading warranties - Every Littmann has a manufacturer backed guarantee for a minimum of two years, ranging to a whopping 7 years on the Master Cardiology.
    • Innovation – 3M spend massive amounts on development. They may look similar, but subtle changes soon add up.
    • 3M love learning – In 2015 3M launched the Littmann Learning App. This interactive app not only teaches, but tests! So, you can listen to tutorials and test your knowledge through a smartphone or tablet, anytime you like.
    • Littmann listen – Constant feedback ensures they stay ahead. In March 2012 they asked us “What colour scope would you like to see next?”, our answer “A raspberry rainbow Classic II SE for the students please”. The result was the introduction of the 2829RBW Raspberry Rainbow Classic II SE in September 2012 – you’re welcome!
    • They are great to work with - 3M and Medisave have a fantastic working relationship, ensuring the best possible supply of products to the consumer.
    • Parts kits – new for 2016. 3M have released tune up kits for your scope. Now you can buy all the parts required to keep your stethoscope at the top of its game. The new parts kits are tailored to the exact model of scope you have, replacing all ancillary parts in one go.
    • Engraving – Every Littmann can be engraved by our expert in house engraving team. Take a look, sweet huh??

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