Collection: Haemorrhage Control

Haemorrhage is the leading cause of death following major trauma. It’s crucial to act fast and to stop the bleed with the correct equipment. Trusted by the Police, EMS, Military and Medical Professionals worldwide.

Medisave stocks a large range of haemorrhage and bleeding control equipment, including the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) and the SAM® XT Tourniquet which are ideal for applying pressure to a limb in order to stop the flow of blood. This includes The Emergency Bandage® A.K.A The Israeli Bandage which is a range of specialist bleeding control bandages and responder gauzes.

When it comes to treating the most severe trauma injuries, Medisave also stocks a range of Haemostatic Agents to stop external bleeding and Chest Seals to prevent death by loss of oxygen. See our specialist range of CELOX Advanced Wound Care and  SAM® ChitoSAM™ Hemostatic Dressings that are effective for immediate care.


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