Medisave VIP Club

Earn more MediHearts for different actions, and turn those MediHearts into awesome rewards!

Ways to Earn

Place an Order

Earn 3 MediHearts for every £1 spent.

Follow on Social Media

Earn 50 MediHearts for following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Share on Social Media

Earn 75 MediHearts for sharing us on Facebook or Twitter.

Ways to Redeem

Gift Card

500 MediHearts equals a £5 gift card.


Your all access pass to exclusive rewards. Reach higher tiers for more exclusive perks.

Silver Tier

You start on this tier. Earn 3 MediHearts for every £1 spent on orders.

Gold Tier

Earn 2,250 MediHearts to reach Gold Tier. Benefits: Earn 4 MediHearts for every £1 spent on orders.

Platinum Tier

Earn 4,000 MediHearts to reach Platinum Tier. Benefits: Earn 5 MediHearts for every £1 spent on orders.

Terms and Conditions

The Medisave Loyalty program is operated by Medisave (UK) Ltd. Medisave can cancel, withdraw or alter the scheme at any time, including these terms and conditions or any individual Medisave loyalty account.

The Medisave loyalty program is for general business use only and for customers who pay for their order at the time of checkout. Customers who have the following accounts are excluded from the scheme: 30- or 45-day invoice accounts, Wholesale accounts, Negotiated pricing accounts, Pharmaceutical accounts.

Customer points will start to expire 6 months (180 days) from the last date of purchase. After this date, all unredeemed points will expire on a rolling basis for customers who have not engaged in points activity for 6 months (180 days) or more.

Medisave will take any action it considers appropriate, including removing or suspending a Medisave loyalty account and points accrued if we have reason to believe you are abusing the scheme.