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Medisave have been the major UK supplier of Elite bags since 2007, when we first introduced them to our range. Elite Bags are based in Spain, but have a global presence. We personally stock Elite Bags in both our UK and New Zealand branches. Elite Bags are a great company to work with, they are constantly evaluating professional consumer feedback to make their products perform perfectly every single time they are used. They have been designing and manufacturing cases and bags for well over a decade now, pioneering development for the emergency service industry. Elite use only the very best materials to make their products both highly durable, whilst remaining highly desirable in design. Their attention to detail is as impeccable as the products themselves.

Quality and style

From the moment we first picked up an Elite bag, we knew they were a supplier we had to deal with. They are now our no. 1 bag and case supplier, simply for the reason that they make such good products. We know it, and the customer knows it too as is reflected in our stellar sales figures. Their huge range covers pretty much all areas of the medical profession field - from GP bags to nurse and specialist paramedic bags - all crafted with the precision and skill that you expect from an Elite bag.

Design and development

The Elite R + D Department is specialised in developing new products that assist the work of medical professionals of every field of their activity. The design of their products is meticulously and responsibly studied, in order to obtain useful working tools that grant integrated solutions to their shape, function, and to their relationship to the users. Elite collaborate directly with outstanding professionals of every sector to analyse in detail the needs generated within their activity, and to develop products perfectly adjusted to the stated objective.

 What Medisave loves about Elite Bags. 

  • Fantastic range of products – There is an Elite Bag and case for most applications.
  • They love feedback – Where most companies like feedback, Elite positively thrive on it.
  • Their emergency bags – fantastic, durable, and highly cost effective.
  • Their style – Have you seen their leather bags? Nice huh!
  • Their range of products – From ampoule holders, to response bags. It’s pretty much guaranteed that there is an Elite bag for your needs.
  • Our working relationship – They are great to work with. If we need to discuss something, or need advice, they are always on hand.
  • They deliver when they say they will – this means if we don’t have it in stock, which is rare, then we can guarantee when we will have it.
  • They innovate – We are constantly seeing and hearing about new products.
  • Their attention to detail – Everything is thought through from the perspective of the end user. The zipper tabs for instance on the EMT bags, designed with extra wide tabs to ease use when wearing gloves. Elite have made the most of this by making them fluorescent yellow, with highly reflective strips. Form and function!