Pharmaceutical Supply

We cannot supply pharmaceuticals to members of the public and we cannot accept prescriptions

Medisave UK Limited, as a licensed Wholesale Distributor of Medicines for Human Use, must ensure they supply medicinal products to persons who are authorised or entitled to sell or supply medicinal products to the public. Therefore, for us as your supplier to comply with the strict regulations, we must ensure we validate your organisation, yourself as the authorising health care professional and any persons whom you authorise to purchase and receive medicinal products on your behalf. This does NOT affect any non-Pharmaceutical items your surgery may purchase from us.

Pharmaceuticals can only be ordered via an official purchase order or via the website and only by yourself or the persons you have named as authorised to purchase and receive medicinal products on your behalf.

By signing this document. You are confirming that you are the authorising healthcare professional for your organisation and that you will ensure there is no misuse in relation to ordering and receiving medicinal products. We reserve the right to withdraw supply if evidence of misuse or abuse is detected.

Please download our pharma terms and conditions by clicking here.