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NHS Ten Second Triage (TST) A5 Aide-Mémoire Cards - Pack of 10

NHS Ten Second Triage (TST) A5 Aide-Mémoire Cards - Pack of 10

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NHS Ten Second Triage (TST) A5 Aide-Mémoire Card. Pack of 10 double sided algorithm cards for first responders.

The Manchester Arena incident called for different approaches to the management of major incidents involving mass casualties. As a consequence of the findings, the Ten Second Triage (TST) tool has evolved to be used by anyone responding to major incidents providing care to casualties prior to the arrival of the NHS clinical response.

Designed to assist those first on the scene before clinical first responders arrive on scene and allows for rapid focus based on casualty condition to reduce the care time for the injured to receive treatment. The Ten Second Triage (TST) Card is weatherproof, hardwearing and easy to write on.

The front side of the Ten Second Triage (TST) card.

The primary focus of the Ten Second Triage (TST) card is to provide lifesaving interventions immediately. The front side of the card sets out the Ten Second Triage (TST) algorithm and sets to allocate P1, P2, P3 & Not Breathing statuses.

NHS Ten Second Triage (TST) Slap Band Chart:

Priority level Colour of band Description
1 - immediate Red Requires lifesaving treatment immediately and has time critical life-threatening injuries
2 - urgent Yellow

Requires significant intervention as soon as possible

Injured or unwell and are unable to walk

3 - delayed Green

Requires medical intervention but not with any urgency

Can walk to treatment

Not breathing Silver Breathing not detected

The reverse side of the Ten Second Triage (TST) card.

The reverse side of the Ten Second Triage (TST) card sets out the casualty count and METHANE reporting tool, which brings structure and clarity to the initial stages of managing any multi-agency or major incident.

M – Major incident
E – Exact location
T – Type of incident
H – Hazards
A – Access
N – Number of casualties
E – Emergency services

Ten Second Triage (TST) is quick, simple and effective.

The Ten Second Triage (TST) tool is designed to be quick, simple and effective at prioritising large numbers of casualties allowing for rapid focus on providing immediate lifesaving interventions (LSI).

These LSI include control of severe bleeding and opening of the airway, which are known to be the key requirements to maximise patient survival in the early stages of injury.

Use the Ten Second Triage (TST) slap bands together with the Ten Second Triage (TST) card. 

Replacement Ten Second Triage (TST) slap bands:

Ideal to assist non-medical professionals.

The Ten Second Triage (TST) tool is designed to assist non-medical professionals who are first on the scene at a major incident involving mass casualties. The Ten Second Triage (TST) allows for rapid focus based on casualty condition once the clinical response teams are on scene

A must have for public services such as the Police and Fire Service. The Ten Second Triage (TST) tool can be used by other emergency response teams such as First Responders, Search & Rescue Teams and the Coastguard.

Key features:

  • User-friendly design, ensuring effortless & quick application.
  • Ten Second Triage (TST) algorithm card with casualty count printed on the reverse side.
  • A5 double sided PVC (printed on one singular card). 
  • Easy to write on.
  • Made on high quality card in the UK.
  • High quality and fully weatherproof.
  • Made to NHS guidance.
  • Remarkably cost-effective when compared to other alternatives.
  • Durable and suitable for multiple uses, ensuring longevity.
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