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Medisave and Riester

Medisave started dealing with Riester in 2011. From there, they have become a highly trusted name in the Medisave diagnostic range. Riester are another premium German diagnostic manufacturer, based in Jungingen, near Stuttgart. Riester display all the hallmarks of typical German precision engineering. The range of diagnostics has impressed us from the outset, progressing into new fields before others considered doing so. Riester were one of the first diagnostic companies to use full LED illumination in their range of diagnostic equipment. Their range now includes High Quality LED examination lamps, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, vital signs monitors, pulse oximeters, the list goes on.


Cutting Edge Design

Designed for demanding everyday use in doctors' practices and hospitals, many Riester products have been and still are being created through close cooperation between their experienced research and development department and practitioners from government research centres and university hospitals. This is, however, only one element of the Riester product philosophy, because in all their activities it is the human aspect which still remains the centre of their attention. Furthermore, they even guarantee our promise of quality and safety in writing. All Riester products have the CE-mark, a sign for special quality, and are supplied with the "Original Riester" certificate of authenticity - no product leaves the premises until it has passed exacting quality tests.

growing popularity

With their highly motivated specialist personnel, who are trained most extensively inhouse at Riester, they are able to successfully master the balancing act between their continuity and futureoriented modernity. Over the last few years Riester has become a highly popular choice within our diagnostic section. Continuous innovation and improvement of Riester products as well as distribution and service capacities form the centerpiece of their efforts. It’s easy to see why people become fans of their products. German build quality, very high performance, and exceptional value for money.

Choice Picks

    What Medisave loves about Riester.

    • Their attention to detail – typical precision German Engineering. Reliability built in.
    • Exceptional value for money – far more cost effective than you would think.
    • The 3746-203.001 – high performance LED diagnostic, exceptional value for money.
    • The e-Scope – the first full LED pocket set that we sold. Compact, lightweight, efficient, brilliant!
    • The Big Ben sphyg – one of the industry standard surgery sphygmomanometers.
    • Their willingness to try something new – Riester innovate products and try new things.
    • The digital rheostat – literally genius, standard on the 3746-203.001 and many others.
    • The Big Ben – a standard feature throughout many surgeries.
    • The Ri-Magic – LED examination lights at entry level halogen prices.

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