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Schuco's origins

Felix Huttrer founded Schuco on the 18th October, 1957. Felix was an electronics engineer by vocation and his background involved solving problems in radio and television, working with Radio Rentals. The experience gained from interfacing directly with customers, along with his technical expertise, set the scene for Schuco’s business model and reflected the importance of customer satisfaction, which has been a guiding principle of the company for over 5o years. A family connection had led to the link with Schueler & Company, an American business that operated as an American Export house. They discovered world leading technologies and overcame the difficulties in exporting from the United States, establishing offices in London, Hamburg, Tokyo and Vienna.


More about Schuco...

Schuco is a family owned business with a commendable heritage, supplying innovative medical devices and services throughout the healthcare and anti-ageing industry. They are proud supporters of various organisations including the UK’s only dedicated skin cancer charity. Schuco first made the headlines when the Portojet was featured on the BBC show Tomorrow’s World; this was a mass vaccination gun (developed for the Porton Down Germ Warfare Unit) which was sold to the military and to third world countries, where it was used in the fight against Cholera following floods in Pakistan. Another application was for the provision of flu jabs in the UK.

Other schuco firsts include:

  • The Hyfrecator
  • Hickman central venous catheters
  • Quinton hydraulic biopsy instrument
  • The automatic pneumatic tourniquet
  • The Dermojet needle free injector
  • The first pump operated breast milk expresser
  • No scalpel vasectomy kits
  • Dermlite cross-polarised dermatoscopes

The Hyfrecator came from California in 1962; the finalisation of the deal could have caused Felix to miss his son Paul’s birth. However, eventually the deal was done and Felix managed to arrive home just in time for the birth, as Paul arrived 10 days late, but that’s one of the few times a Schuco delivery has been late. The Hyfrecator is still one of their best selling lines! Schucos expansive product portfolio comprises skin & body treatments, imaging, surgery and the early detection of skin cancer. They regularly interact with dermatologists, aesthetic practitioners, skin cancer nurses, plastic surgeons, podiatrists, and other healthcare professionals worldwide in order to stay ahead of the market and to evaluate the latest technological advances. Through their passion for skin, Schucos aim is to provide their customers with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with all of their latest ranges.

Choice Picks

    What Medisave loves about Schuco.

    • Medisave and Schuco are both proud distributors of the Heine range!
    • Schuco products help with the early detection of skin cancer
    • Schuco interacts with dermatologists, skin cancer nurses and plastic surgeons among others in order to evaluate the latest technological advances
    • Schuco have a “Schuco Academy” comprising of seminar space, kitchen, decontamination room, minor ops room, prep area, recovery room and aesthetics room!
    • Schuco is known worldwide and well respected by the medical supplies industry and professionals alike

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