Medisave`s Environmental Policy

Medisave is committed to being an environmentally conscious organisation.

We as a company care deeply about the environment and want to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes taking action ourselves, making sure we work with green suppliers and giving our customers the right choices when it comes to conscientious buying. You can find out more about why we are so passionate here.

What are we doing to help?

We are always trying to reduce our impact on the environment. Eventually we want to have a negative carbon footprint on as many of our processes as possible. Medisave has some policies currently in place and policies we want to achieve in the near future. You can find both our current and future policies below.

We strive to work with green suppliers and have a large network of them. You can find just some of our suppliers and details of their green policies below.

Becton Dickinson are one of our biggest suppliers of needles, syringes, vacutainers and more. BD believe in promoting environmentally sound practices, this includes conservation of energy and water, reduction of waste production and minimizing the use of hazardous materials. BD provides training and skills to help workers adhere to these policies.

Bunzl healthcare provide us with a wide range of products from janitorial equipment, cleaning products and much more. Bunzl uphold high standards in all environmental matters, their policies include maintaining effective waste management and minimise the consumption of raw materials as well as storing all materials which minimise environmental harm.

As a massive supplier of couch rolls and paper products Northwoods policy was very important to us. Their policies include reduction of all pollution to air, water and land that results from their operations and to assess the environmental impact of any new processes or products they intend to introduce before introducing them.

Glamox is a Norwegian industrial group that produces a large range of items. They are also one of our largest glove suppliers, with gloves in many sizes, materials and uses. They focus on reducing environmental impact through using, where possible, raw materials and components that are environmentally friendly.

Lec are a part of the GDHA (Glen Dimplex Home Appliance) group and supply a large range of medical refrigerators and freezers to ourselves. The GDHA continuously seek ways to improve on consumption of resources, prevent pollution and improve the overall impact of their operations and products.

Sunflower Medical Furniture provide a range of plinths, stools, chairs and more furniture. They have an Environmental Management System through which they try to mitigate as much of their impact on the environment as possible. Sunflower tries to achieve this in many ways including recycling waste and developing employee awareness of environmental issues.