Incontinence Guide


Tena Men

These incontinence pads are perfectly designed to fit men comfortably and discreetly. A cup shape has been designed to follow the shape of the male body, the adhesive strips secure nicely and are compatible with normal underwear. The material of the Tena Men range is soft and gentle and is completely rustle free. They are also designed with unique odour control technology which prevents development of embrassing odours. 

The Tena men range is perfect for light to moderator incontinence, very easy to fit and to change. The Tena Men range is also a cost effective solution while maining high quality for male incontinence.


Tena Lady and TENA Comfort Mini

The TENA lady range, and the TENA Comfort Mini are a slim & reliable incontinence pad that efficiently absorbs fluid quickly, keeping skin dry.  The adhesive strip provided easily slips on with normal underwear and also has Odour Control Technology to contain embrassing odours.

This range provides high level of secruity and comfort, as well as requiring less frequent changing because of the how effective the pads dryness is. These pads are very cost effective. 


Tena Pants

Tena incontinence pads can be worn just like regular underwear while remaining discreet and offering amazing security. Tena pants are maded from a soft, thin material that can be stretched to the shape of the body. With these features comes greater confidence for the user. FeelDry Technology means that large amounts of fluids can be contained and kept away from the skin. Again, these are a cost effective solution. 

Tena Flex

Tena Flex provides a unqiue design to incontinence pads by providing a belted solution which is easily secured to the body. The Tena Flex is also equiped with ConfiStretch Technology which allows the pad to comfortably work body movements - it also has FeelDry Technology which provides dryness.  


Tena Slip

Tena Slip offers everything you could need to be the perfect incontience pad, offering increase absorption and leakage security. It also offers  FeelTry layer which provides amazing dryness. Fixation tapes mean the pad can be adjusted easily.

TENA Comfort

Tena comfort comes as a two piece system, coming in 5 different absorbency levels. This makes it suitable for moderate to heavy urinary incontience. Tena Comfort offers an absorption core which locks in urine, paired with FeelDry Technology which offers protection for the skin. The pad also offers an All-round Barrier to protect from embrassing leaking situations. The pads are easily secured, and can be decreetly fit.